Teacher Overview

Welcome or welcome back to ScienceMONTGOMERY!  As a teacher, you are one of the heroes of Science Fairs, and a most honored hero at ScienceMONTGOMERY. Whether you personally mentor a student’s ScienceMONTGOMERY project, or sign forms for work done elsewhere, you are a critical player in this creative piece of science education. 

Here's a brochure you can print out and put up in your classroom announcing the Fair

We have features specifically to help teachers:

  • Log on access to view all your students’ registration information on one page, including the Scientific Review Committee decision on acceptance into the Fair. You do this by clicking on Teacher Log On. To get the password that will allow you to view information for all students from your school, email fairdirector@sciencemontgomery.org.  Include the name of your school, and we will send you the password.
  • Access to individual student email addresses and passwords to help them log on at school.
  • The ability to print Students’ Registration (parent and student signature) Forms, using their email address and password.
  • The ability to delete student entries, when it becomes necessary.

See the Fair Schedule for dates and deadlines.

Teams of 2 or 3 students are allowed.  Teams of greater than 3 students are prohibited.  Projects done by 2 or 3 member teams compete with projects done by individuals.  Registration is somewhat different for teams, so please see the Rules for team projects

We have 7 scientific categories.  This is different from the Intel ISEF. You can view our categories descriptions here.

A non-returnable $20 per student processing fee (checks made payable to Montgomery Area Science Fair) should be turned in with the final paperwork, on or before the registration deadline.

Non-public (non-MCPS) schools have an additional $40/school registration fee. (MCPS makes their contribution through covering our mailing and copying costs.)

You and your students should carefully read the information found under the Student Tab on this website before any research is started.  Although we have a few special ScienceMONTGOMERY rules, as an ISEF affiliated fair we generally follow the ISEF Rules and mostly use their forms (available through links under the Students Tab).   We highly recommend the ISEF Rules Wizard which will help your students determine all the pre-approvals, approvals, reviews, and forms needed for their specific type of project.

You should be aware that many of the forms must be completed before the students start their research

Some forms require Approval by a Review Committee before the students start their research. 

IMPORTANT: If you are serving as a student’s Sponsor, you cannot be a member of the Review Committee

On the evening prior to the fair, students will setup their projects at the Fair site.  Before leaving their project, they MUST pass a safety inspection (see Students – Display Setup and Safety Check)

Here are the the Judging Criteria.  There are four sets of criteria: one for Behavioral Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, one for Computer Science, one for Engineering, and one for Mathematics.

See our Policies page for important policies that govern our fair.