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ScienceMONTGOMERY announces its 2020 ISEF Finalists

Ben Nachod (Sophomore, Poolesville High School) USMD03 EGSD026

Analysis of the Degradation and Biogas Yield of the Anaerobic Digestion of PHBV, PLA, Cellulose, and PET Bioplastics with Wastewater Sludge Inoculum

Dhruv Pai (Sophomore, Montgomery Blair High School) USMD03 SOFT030

PrediGen: Tracing Genealogy of Medical Devices

Anjan Sesetty and Ishaan Jain (Freshmen, Poolesville High School and Richard Montgomery High School, respectively) USMD03 ENBM029T

A Novel Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management System

Ambrose Yang (Senior, Montgomery Blair High School)  USMD03 MATH031

Analogues of the Robin-Lagarias Criteria for the Riemann Hypothesis

Alternate: Ethan Tang (Senior, Montgomery Blair High School)

Characterizing Cesium Iodide and Bismuth Germinate Scintillators and Phoswich Detectors for Gamma-Ray Space Telescopes

Winners of Aerospace Engineering and Sciences Essay Contest Sponsored by AIAA NCS

5 First Place Awards: 

·one-year student membership in AIAA 

·invitation to the ‘Mission Design Lifecycle’ 3-Day Experience @ NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center 

 this July 28-29-30 (subject to Coronavirus impacts) 

Yash Anand (junior, Montgomery Blair High School) 

The Evolving Universe: The Relationship Between Super Massive Black Holes and Their Galaxies

Dennis Chunikhin  (freshman, Thomas S. Wootton High School) 

Optimizing Star Tracking and Alignment of Astronomical Images Using Deep Learning

Jenna Shi  (junior, Thomas S. Wootton High School) 

The Effects of Growing Condition on Microgreens: A 21st Century New Food

Sujay Swain  (junior, Montgomery Blair High School)

Increasing Efficiency of Solar Panels using Curved Solar Cells and Innovative Optics

Ethan Tang (senior, Montgomery Blair High School) 

Characterizing Cesium Iodide and Bismuth Germanate Scitillators and Phoswich Detectors for Gamma-Ray Space Telescopes


              Washington Statistical Society FOR K-12 STUDENTS    

Entry deadline: June 1, 2020.

WSS Data Visualization Poster Competition Page: Webpage will be updated shortly: here's last year's link: http://www.washstat.org/poster/ 

Entry form, detailed rubric, rules for submission, and information about the national competition: http://www.amstat.org/asa/education/ASA-Statistics-Poster-Competition-for-Grades-K-12.aspx

Please note that you will be submitting your information to the national competition; Washington area projects will be reviewed by the Washington Statistical Society.

Winning posters from 2019: https://magazine.amstat.org/blog/2019/08/01/2019posterproject

First prize (individual) $100 (team) $50 per member up to $200

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Petraglia (elizabethpetraglia@westat.com) 

“Note that science fair projects involving data collection and statistical analysis are often eligible for this competition; students are strongly encouraged to simply submit the associated report for a science fair project as an entry.” Check the WSS website for a downloadable pdf. There are middle and high school divisions. 

Attention Middle School Students

Any middle school student who qualified for the 2020 Montgomery County Fair is eligible to compete in Broadcom MASTERS. Here is the link to the nomination package. You will need a code from the fair director: if you are interested in applying, please contact the fair director at fairdirector@sciencemontgomery.org with the name of your project in the subject line.