Category Descriptions

ScienceMONTGOMERY Category Descriptions

• Behavioral and Social Sciences
Includes psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, learning, perception and educational assessment using methods such as surveys, interviews, observation, modeling, and laboratory or field experimentation.

• Biology
Includes plant biology, animal biology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, microbiology, health and disease, dentistry, and marine biology.

• Chemistry
Includes nature and composition of matter, geology, and pollution.

• Computer Science
Includes hardware and software development, internet networking and communications, graphics, simulations and virtual reality.

• Engineering
Includes technology, practical applications of scientific principles, design, aeronautics, and transportation.

• Mathematics
Includes development of formal logical systems or various numerical and algebraic computations, and the application of these principles—such as calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, number theory, statistics, combinatorics, and probability.

• Physics
Includes theories, principles, and laws governing energy and motion, astronomy, weather, electricity, magnetism and optics.